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Kenshinkan Jujitsu Classes

Jujitsu in ancient japan was the battlefield art containing elements of combat psychological and physical. At Kenshinkan we develop the person as much as the body & technique to ensure that our students are prepared in the martial way for whatever life throws at them.

We study all the elements of combat, striking (Kicking, punching & close quarters skills) as well as throwing and grappling, testing our skills sparring and with randori  (freesytle throwing).

We have a set syllabus which helps students on the journey towards their black belt, with formal gradings, with strictly marked sections so students can review their progress regularly. Our syllabus is progressive so students can learn at their own rate, with as much help as they need.

Free sparring and grappling, plus standing randori help students develop control over adrenaline learning in a stepped fashion to manage fear and negative emotions which alows them to be assertive without aggression in all areas of their lives

Mike & Clare who run the school have been married for 27 years and most of that they have spent fighting (often each other !) Mike and Clare have both been awarded 5th Degree black belts in Goshin Ryu Jujitsu making them very senior grade instructors. As well as this both Mike & Clare have 3rd Degree black belts in Shukokai Karate and hold brown belts in Judo. Clare also studies Gracie JuJitsu and also has an assistant instructor award in Krav Maga. For full details see our instructor profiles for Mike and Clare and check out our other Kenshinkan Black Belts.  

We train hard at Kenshinkan but we train safe and we never forget training should be fun. Come on down and try for yourself check the classes page for times and take what is the hardest step - walking through the door for the first time, you will be very welcome

Hiring the Dojo
Tuesdays & Thursdays Adults all grades 20:00 to 21:30
Saturdays Adults all grades 11:30 to 13:00