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Kenshinkan Policies
& Download Documents
Below are several documents and policies we would encourage you to download and read at your leisure. If there are other documents you require please let us know click the link to download
Child Protection Policy - This policy covers child protection. Mike & Clare are both CRB Checked
Health & Safety Policy - This policy covers Health & Safety, Jujitsu training is inherently risky but the adoption of safe training policies mean we can train hard, but safe - thereby reducing injuries where-ever possible.
Dojo Etiquette - This policy covers Dojo Etiquette, Kenshinkan is friendly club with a family atmosphere - but many clubs have strict rules so students need to know and understand traditional dojo etiquette for when attending seminars or visiting other dojo’s
Judo Grading Throws - This document covers the Yorkshire Judo Association throws for Brown belt to 1st DAN - in pictures.
AJJJF Combat Jujitsu Sport Rules - This does what it says on the tin! The Rules for Combat JuJitsu
The Book of 5 Rings - The difinitive book written by Shimen Musashi Ko Kami Fujiwara No Genshin who won his first dual aged 13 and who at 60 wrote this book on Martial Strategy - worth a read!
Judo Gokyo of the Kodokan Japan - This is the illustrated version of the Judo Gokyo (main throws) worth reviewing and practicing