Kenshinkan Martial Arts

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Kenshinkan’s Goshin Ryu  Black Belts
Black belt David O’Halloran (Clare’s brother!) the first Kenshinkan Black belt from the Kenshinkan Otley club
Helen Walsh was attempting her 1st Kyu grading and performed so well on the day that Sensei Barnet 10th Dan awarded Helen her Shodan-Ho an outstanding achievement
Sam Wellington our first junior Black Belt, an outstanding junior jujitsu black belt
Larraine Barnes who achieved her Dan grade on 2010, who on the day got knocked out being an Uke for another student, she got up and continued showing great martial spirit !
Some of our junior black belts pictured with Mike & Clare, right to left, Sam Wellington, Molly Walsh, Charlie Wellington, Brown Belt Emma Cannon, Alastair Robinson and Lilly Walsh.
Hannah Lee who both attained her black belt and won the Kenshinkan Student Award, Hannah shows fantastic spirit demonstrated during her Dan grading examination
Hiring the Dojo
Helen Walsh  pictured with  Sensei Barnet 10th Dan awarded Helen her Shodan in October 2010, Helen provided a masterclass in how a Black Belt should grade -  an outstanding achievement, which made her instructors Mike & Clare really Proud
Alex Barnes pictured with his  very proud Mum, Shodan Larraine, Sensei Clare 5th Dan and Sensei Barnett 10th DAN. Alex completed all the requirements for junior Shodan, performing many techniques against some of the adult members of the club - well done Alex - October 2010.