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Grading Datess

Kenshinkan are one of the few Jujiitsu schools that have a formalised grading for every grade step as you move toward your black belt. We have a massive near 100% success rate, because its easy? - No, because we prepare for success! Check below for the upcoming grading dates and rules

Upcoming Datess

Juniors and Seniors   25th September 2010

Juniors & Seniors including Black Belts, Soke Steve Barnett 10th Dan - senior grading officer in attendance

                             23rd October 2010

Juniors and Seniors   20th November 2010

Juniors and Seniors   6th February 2011

Grading Information - see also Martial Arts Glossary

Measuring your Progress – The taking of gradings is the normal way of assessing your progress.  Most students usually grade at the end of 3 months training (or 20 attendances), but we are all different and this may vary. Note; these are minimum requirements only, meaning that you have to have had at least 20 lessons before presenting yourself for a grading.


Remember that you are constantly being tested. When you are ready you will receive your reward and be advanced forward only by your individual efforts and merit. No one takes greater pleasure in presenting you with your deserved promotion to a higher grade than that of your Sensei.



Gradings are formal occasions and the level of discipline expected is much greater and more regimented than that expected during normal training. Students should take great care to abide by the dojo rules and any lack of discipline will be reflected in the mark given.


It is not compulsory to grade, but in order to achieve the black belt there has to be some bench mark of technical expertise and gradings are the traditional way. Grading can be stressful, but overcoming this is also part of a student’s progression and shows how the student can operate when under pressure.


The syllabus is designed to show the progression from white belt to black belt grade and is designed to be a record of the student’s achievement showing their performance in each section of the grading syllabus.


Students should ensure that they know each section of the grading in the order that it is listed. For grades of white to purple belt students are shown the techniques prior to having to demonstrate them, for senior grades no demonstration is provided.


During a grading the student is graded either by a single, or in the case of senior grades, by a panel of senior instructors. All sections are marked out of 10, for seniors there are ten sections per grading, juniors only six. In some cases there are 2 or 3 elements that make up a particular section – for these the average mark is taken.


Passing gradings is a milestone of progress which should be celebrated as a passage toward the achievement of black belt. If anyone should fail a grading then the grading officer will provide a verbal assessment of what is required for improvement before the grading is re-taken at the next scheduled grading – Victory comes not to the quick, but to those who endure to the end (remember the hare & the tortoise?).


All students must be fully paid up members with an up to date licence with Goshin Ryu International. After the grading students will have their licences signed and will be awarded a certificate to prove achievement of the grade taken.


Word of warning: All locks should be put on gently and progressively to allow uke (training partner) to react and tap out. If any injuries are incurred due to lack of care during grading marks will be deducted from the person/s responsible. Any serious breach of the rules could lead to disqualification from the grading and no mark given. If you are unsure about anything – feel free to ask.


Belt System


Kyu Senior 16 & over - then  Youth 12 – 15 yrs  & Cadet up to 11 yrs


9th  White Belt

8th Yellow Belt   -             Yellow Belt Tab

7th Orange Belt  -            Orange Belt Tab

6th Green Belt   -             Green Belt Tab

5th  Blue Belt   -               Blue Belt Tab

4th  Purple Belt   -            Purple Belt Tab

3rd Brown Belt 1st Tab -  Brown Belt 1st Tab

2nd Brown Belt 2nd Tab -Brown Belt 2nd Tab

1st Brown Belt 3rd Tab  - Brown Belt 3rd Tab

Shodan Ho


All Junior Black Belts are able to take their 1st Dan, Shodan on their 16th Birthday


Senior & Black Belt Grades


Shodan 1st Dan or 1st Degree Black Belt Title: Sempai or if Instructor: Sensei

Nidan  2ndDan or 2nd Degree Black Belt Title: Sempai or if Instructor: Sensei

Higher grades – Shihan – Master


Junior or Cadet Syllabus


Cadets under 11 only have 6 syllabus elements, whereas youth & seniors have 10.



Pass Marks


The following pass marks apply to gradings. The skip mark shown indicates that a student has scored sufficient marks to be awarded a grade higher than that taken and “skips” to the next grade.



Cadets and youths training in the beginners & intermediate Classes

Pass Mark to Colour 25 marks (All out of 60 marks, 6 sections - 10 points each available per section)    

Pass to Colour and TAB 35 Marks (Therefore taking next colour grading next)

Skip grade to next colour (without TAB) 50 marks


Seniors and Youths training in the adult class - no TAB system

Pass to next belt 55 marks

Skip to next grade 85 marks


Tab System


Tabs are worn on one end of the belt (obi). Cadet tabs are 12mm wide bands, coloured black approx 100mm from one end.


Brown belt tabs are 12mm wide bands, coloured white, approx 25mm from the end of the belt. Additional tabs for 2nd & 1st Kyu are worn 25mm up from the preceding tabs.


Black belt degrees are shown using red tabs, as above, with Shodan – 1 red tab and subsequent grades being shown by additional red tabs.


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