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Kenshinkan Jujitsu
Price List
Club Charges;
We endeavour to keep our charges as low as possible whilst maintaining the high levels of coaching we believe students have a right to expect. Our classes are not more that 20 at any time, adults or children so you can always be assured that you will receive a high degree of 1-2-1 teaching, even training directly with the instructors on many occasions.

Club Membership & licence fee £30 per person, Paid annually in April or  £80.00 for family of 3 or more. This is pro-rata paid upon joining (normally before first grading) on the basis of £2.50 per month. This fee covers the Association Licensing, Dojo shared equipment, newsletters and web site facilities.
Mat Fees;    £5.00, this is paid per session attended. At Kenshinkan we do not require lessons to be paid by term or by direct debit, giving everyone maximum flexibility. We don’t want you to come because you have paid, we want you to come because you want too! - however if any students would like to pay monthly by DD we can arrange this.
Grading fees are paid 1 week prior to grading - Note you must have a valid membership licence in order to grade. Memberships must be kept up to date so if you have let your membership lapse you would be required to bring it up to date. Colour belt grading fees;  £15.00 which includes belt

Black belt grading fee;   £70.00 (adult), £35.00 (junior) are payable 1 month in advance, includes belt and grading by senior instructor panel.

A full range of martial arts equipment and clothing is available at discounted rates via the instructors. Please ask for full details. Most students will be required to have the following basic personal equipment; gi, fighting mitts, gum shield, shin guards, groin guards. We recommend you have a fitted gum shield from your dentist (in case of mistakes!!).