Kenshinkan Martial Arts

& Sports Therapy Centre


Downstairs visitors will enter the shop area to see a full range of martial arts equipment & clothing as well as DVD’s, Books and the latest fashion MMA clothing. A large screen monitor will face out to the public showing the facilities available in the centre along with demonstrations and training coverage.
In the middle of the downstairs area is the comfortable waiting area where people can relax whilst waiting for classes or treatment.
The centre’s facilities are available to hire
the treatment centre is open to other treatment professionals, refelexology, chiropractors or physiotherapists and the upstairs hall is available for both other martial arts sessions and groups.
The private and well equipped treatment centre provides an ideal location for sports, theraputic & holistic massage along with all the other services provided by “a Personal touch”.
Upstairs is the training centre fully matted out, which includes the walls! To provide a great training centre for JuJitsu and other martial arts.

Kenshinkan Martial Arts have the Otley Health & Martial Arts centre as their home, the premier martial arts venue. Click below to read more about the centre and the facilities available

click here for the Otley Health & Martial Arts web site to read more about the services provided, including the no1 “feet” good therapy, Garra-fish pedicure



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